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Thursday, September 22nd 2022

Introducing Commenting on Preview Deployments

Bring collaborators together from across your organization.

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Vercel aims to encourage innovation through collaboration. We've enabled this from the start by making it easy to see your code staged on live environments with Preview Deployments. Today, we’re taking a step toward making Preview Deployments even more collaborative with new commenting capabilities now in Public Beta. By bringing everyone into the development process with comments on Previews and reviewing your UI on live, production-grade infrastructure, you deliver expert work faster.

With comments on Vercel’s automatically-generated Preview Deployments, it’s easier than ever to collaborate across your organization, by simply sharing a link. Preview Deployments continue to redefine the entire software development experience. From idea to conception to QA, you’re always testing against the real thing.

Anyone added to your projects can comment directly on copy, components, interactions, and more in context as you review right from your user’s point of view. Feedback happens all in one place, the Preview Deployment, making it easy for developers to keep track of anything and everything that needs to be fixed.

Why did we build this feature?

Pull requests with code reviews are an integral part of the modern software development process. However, UI feedback is hard to give in code without the full visual context. With Preview Deployments, you get a live link with the actual user experience for every pull request. Now with the addition of comments, feedback happens where it’s supposed to.

Doing reviews in Previews makes the feedback more consistent and closer to the actual deliverable, so our work ships faster.

Yuhan LuoEngineer at

We wanted to ensure that everyone can take part in the development process. This means every stakeholder, no matter their technical ability, can not only uncover bugs but also put forth new ideas to enable the best quality work. You can even install the Chrome extension to easily add screenshots to any comment for more detailed feedback.

Using comments for feedback in your Preview Deployments means bringing collaboration into all your workspaces—comments, screenshots, and notifications, all synchronized with Slack—ensuring everyone is always on the same page. When using the Slack integration, comment threads will be synced between both the deployment and Slack so that the entire discussion can be viewed and responded to on either platform. You can also configure a non-blocking check to PRs with Comments enabled to remind the author of any unresolved comments before sharing with the world.

Get your whole team involved in the development process. Enable the comments public beta in your projects today to get started.