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Wednesday, August 23rd 2023

Vercel AI Accelerator Demo Day

Watch 28 talented AI startups show off impressive demos in 3 minutes each as part of our AI Accelerator Demo Day.

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Lee Robinson

VP of Product

Earlier this week, we held Demo Day for the Vercel AI Accelerator program. 28 talented AI teams showed off the impressive demos they built over the 6 weeks of the program, in 3 minutes each.

Watch the demo day recording.

Summary of the program

We announced the Vercel AI Accelerator back in June, got over 1500 applications and only accepted 40 teams, about 2.5% of all applications. These 40 teams have been going through our 6 week accelerator, building new products and features, attending events like a kickoff meetup in San Francisco, tuning into over 15 fireside chats with AI experts and VCs and leaving weekly updates in our Discord. Some teams have added hundreds of thousands of users over the accelerator while others built and launched an entire MVP in a matter of a few weeks.

Out of the 40 teams in our accelerator, we picked the top 28 teams and those are the ones that pitched their amazing AI startups on Demo Day. We then picked 3 winning teams to each receive $120,000 of credits from our AI platform partners.

In addition to these teams, we also had several top investors, our amazing AI partners from the accelerator, the Vercel engineering team, and our four talented judges present during demo day. Our 4 judges were Nat Friedman (Investor & former CEO of GitHub), Lin Qiao (CEO of, former lead of Pytorch), Guillermo Rauch (CEO of Vercel), and Shyamal Anadkat (Member of GTM at OpenAI).

Demo Day Teams

The following Vercel AI Accelerator teams pitched during demo day.

  1. IncludeHealth - Extend physical therapy care to homes using AI
  2. Jenni - Write research papers faster with AI
  3. Musicfy - Create music tracks using AI for artists and songwriters
  4. Intuita - The AI-powered platform for code automation at scale
  5. Memorang - Build AI-powered courses & study apps for any subject
  6. threesixfive - Log meals with automatic calorie logging
  7. Endorsed - Screen job applications faster and smarter with AI
  8. Monterey AI - Turn customer voices into product insights with AI
  9. Smol - AI Chat Browser and Agent
  10. Video Tap - Automating the video to content workflow using AI
  11. - Generates ReactJS/Next.js apps from design prompts
  12. Dili - Due diligence on companies with AI
  13. Wonders AI - AI scientific research to make you smarter
  14. Sphere - Immersive tours of homes captured with AI
  15. Canvas - Explore your data without code using AI
  16. StoryBird - Create personalized stories using AI
  17. Copilot Travel - Connecting merchants, suppliers, & consumers through travel infra
  18. Daios - LLM ethics engine
  19. Aasaan - No-code headless ecommerce store builder
  20. Input - Collaborative frontend development platform
  21. Tabs Platform - Automate financial workflows using AI
  22. [Individual] LLM Report - Open-Source Logging and Analytics Platform for LLMs
  23. [Individual] Atticus AI - Bringing clarity to legal contracts
  24. [Individual] Scrivener - A creator platform for conversational bots
  25. [Individual] Koi - Trend-aware marketing content generation platform
  26. [Individual] Home Atlas - Chatbot to simplify buying homes
  27. [Individual] DeepTruth - Detecting deepfaked speech using AI
  28. [Individual] ContactCenterLLM - Automating customer calls with AI


The following investors were in attendance during demo day and several intros have been made already to our accelerator companies that are raising money.

  • a16z
  • CRV
  • 8VC
  • Coatue
  • Unusual Ventures
  • Lux Capital
  • SV Angel
  • Vertex Ventures
  • Bloomberg Beta
  • Base Case Capital
  • Altimeter Capital
  • Brighter Capital
  • Thrive Capital
  • Conviction
  • Plug N Play Ventures
  • Essence VC
  • Ethos VC
  • Access VC

Demo Day Results

Pooling nominations from our judges, the 3 winners from Demo Day are as follows.

  • Best overall: Memorang – a complete platform for building AI-powered courses & study apps for any subject. Added over $1 million of ARR during the accelerator and several new products as part of their suite.
  • Best startup team: Jenni – supercharging research paper writing. Added $500k of ARR and hundreds of thousands of users during the program. They're actively raising their seed round.
  • Best individual team: LLM ReportDillion & Haseab with a beautiful open source logging and analytics platform for LLMs. Shipped several impactful features for observability during the accelerator.

Congratulations to these winners! They'll be receiving $120k in credits each from our AI accelerator partners.

AI on Vercel

Over the past 6 months, AI companies like ScaleJasperRunwayLexica, and Jenni have launched with Next.js and Vercel. Vercel helps accelerate your product development by enabling you to focus on creating value with your AI applications, rather than spending time building and maintaining infrastructure.

We’re continuing to invest in our ecosystem when it comes to enabling AI developers. Check out our templates and guides to get started building AI apps on Vercel.

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