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Wednesday, June 14th 2023

Introducing Vercel's AI Accelerator

A 6 week program with over $850k in credits from Vercel and top AI platforms.

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Hassan El Mghari

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Lee Robinson

VP of Product

Today, we’re announcing Vercel’s AI Accelerator – a program for the brightest AI builders and early stage startups. Over a span of 6 weeks, we aim to empower 40 of the industry's top innovators to create and develop next-generation AI apps.

Applications are open for two weeks – apply today.

Benefits of the program

Participants in our AI Accelerator program will gain access to a range of resources and benefits valued at over $850k:

  • Credits: API credits from the top AI platforms including Anthropic, Banana, Chroma, Cohere, ElevenLabs, Hugging Face, Modal Labs, Pinecone, Replicate, Stability AI, and OpenAI (total value of credits for participants and winners is $871k).
  • Community: Access to a private community designed to facilitate rich discussions, encourage collaboration, and share insights amongst the participants.
  • Coaching: Weekly fireside chats and office hours featuring top AI startups, investors, and builders sharing their experiences and insights. We'll also have comprehensive guides, templates, and video resources to help you get started and scale your AI applications.
  • Awareness: An opportunity to showcase your product during our demo day, attracting attention and raising awareness for your work. This also includes a fireside chat with an investor to understand how to raise money.

Credits from top AI Platforms

We're thrilled to have support in our Accelerator from the top AI platforms. Every participant in the program will receive thousands of dollars of API credits and winners will receive over 100k in credit prizes each:


Unlimited access to use their Claude API.

Unlimited access per participant, $2k per winner


$18k credits to deploy your AI models on their serverless GPUs.

$500 per participant, $1k per winner


$11k in credits to use their vector database.

$200 per participant, $1k per winner


$17k in credits to use their LLMs and NLP tools.

$200 per participant, $3k per winner


$11k in credits to use their text to speech and voice creation APIs.

$200 per participant, $1k per winner

Hugging Face

$15k in credits to run inference of large models and run your AI apps with accelerated hardware.

$300 per participant, $1k per winner


Early access to Langchain's new platform.

Use of Langchain's new platform

Modal Labs

$350k in credits to deploy your models, run fine-tuning jobs or host embedding pipelines.

$5k per participant, $50k per winner


$35k in credits to use any of their APIs including GPT-4 and DALL-E-2.

$500 per participant, $5k per winner


$12k in credits to use their vector database.

$300 per participant, $1k per winner


$350k in credits to run hundreds of open-source AI models in the cloud or push and run your own private models.

$5k per participant, $50k per winner

Stability AI

$11k in credits to use the Stable Diffusion XL model.

$200 per participant, $1k per winner


$35k in credits to use for hosting, compute, analytics, or storage.

$500 per participant, $5k per winner

The Accelerator

Applications will be open until June 30th. After this, we will take 1 week to select the 40 participants and announce them on July 12th.

The selected participants will then start a 6-week journey of learning, building, and networking from July 12 - August 18th. Participants will also be invited to an optional in-person meetup in San Francisco where speakers from both Vercel and OpenAI will be present.

The accelerator will provide participants with additional AI content, opportunities to connect with the community, and exclusive chats with top AI builders. We also plan to meet with selected members for welcome and midpoint check-ins to ensure that the program is as beneficial and engaging as possible.

The program concludes with a demo day on August 21st where participants can present their projects to a wide audience. Judges (to be announced) will select three winners and the winners will receive over $100k in credits from Vercel and our partners as well as swag.

Apply to the AI Accelerator

Apply to get access to over $850k in credits from Vercel and our AI partners.

Apply today

AI on Vercel

Over the past 6 months, AI companies like ScaleJasperRunwayLexica, and Jenni have launched with Next.js and Vercel. Vercel helps accelerate your product development by enabling you to focus on creating value with your AI applications, rather than spending time building and maintaining infrastructure. We're also the makers of V0, a tool for generative UI based on AI.

We’re continuing to invest in our ecosystem when it comes to enabling AI developers. Check out our templates and guides to get started building AI apps on Vercel.

Let’s build the future together

AI is revolutionizing the world around us, and at Vercel, we want to enable developers with the frameworks, workflow, and infrastructure to build great AI products. To apply, visit our Accelerator site and fill out the application form. Applications close at the end of June.

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