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Tuesday, August 15th 2023

Konabos empowers an industry giant to deploy 50% faster with a composable stack

How a digital agency supported American Bath Group in their digital transformation—allowing them to ship faster, shorten review cycles, and more.

When American Bath Group realized their team’s productivity was being interrupted by inefficient collaboration, they turned to the full-service digital agency Konabos for help. Konabos supported American Bath Group in moving away from their monolithic setup—the cause of their lagging dev velocity—in favor of a composable stack comprised of Vercel, Next.js, and Kontent.AI. Now with Vercel’s streamlined deployments and infrastructure, American Bath Group can deploy 50% faster, shorten review cycles, and enjoy a better developer experience.

It’s been five years since Konabos migrated to Vercel. Previously, they used Azure and Octopus but ran into infrastructure issues that slowed down dev cycles. After performance testing, they decided on Vercel and since then have enjoyed the ease-of-use, quick deployments, and “no-headache infrastructure.”

Vercel has helped us a lot in terms of worry-free deployments and uptime. We save 50% or more time on our deployments—and we never worry about site outages.

Akshay Sura, Founding Partner & Solution Architect at Konabos

In merely eight months, Konabos helped American Bath Group migrate 10 sites, with over 50,000 products, to the Kontent.AI platform. This change broke down the team’s stifling silos, improved their collaboration and bandwidth, and made it simple to syndicate data. What’s more, American Bath Group’s build times went from 30 hours to just three minutes.

With our new composable model using Vercel, teams work better togetherand so does data.

Marc Lamothe​Director of Web Technology at American Bath Group

To ensure American Bath Group was satisfied with changes, Konabos took advantage of Vercel’s Preview Deployments. These live previews made it easy to get feedback from stakeholders and improve assets in real time. 

All of these benefits make the developer experience for Konabos and American Bath Group that much better. Now whether they’re providing digital optimization or new content, their modern composable stack empowers both teams to innovate, iterate, and craft delightful experiences faster.

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