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Friday, January 13th 2023

Helping Swell’s merchants provide unparalleled ecommerce experiences

Swell, a platform on Vercel, enables anyone to spin up their own ecommerce website using its headless, API-first backend. For them, Vercel and Next.js provide both the flexibility and accessibility they need to power their users’ storefronts around the world. The benefits are twofold: not only do Vercel and Next.js provide game-changing tools and features for the Swell team, but they ensure Swell’s merchants can create the fastest sites and the best shopping experiences for their customers. 

"We see merchants building these blazingly fast sites on Swell. And that's one of the powers of headless ecommerce—you can use best-of-breed technologies like Vercel and Next.js." - Greg Hoskin (Head of Solutions Engineering)

With many merchants coming from legacy ecommerce platforms, their goal is to be able to market more, better, without slowing their sites down. Thanks to Vercel’s on-demand Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) and hybrid rendering, Swell can provide that solution—allowing merchants to market unlimited SKUs without impacting speed. Plus, the onboarding process is seamless: using Swell and the Next.js Commerce starter kit, a recent customer built out their ecommerce site in just a month, when typical legacy platforms take anywhere from four months to a year.

"Our merchants can get up and running quickly with a framework that's fast and developer friendly, while also having the ability to really extend and customize their store and their ecommerce experience on top of that."

It’s not only the merchants who are excited about the versatility and flexibility of Vercel and Next.js. Switching over from their previous solution required no troubleshooting and no stress for the Swell team. They love the Vercel dashboard because it allows them to easily add new platforms and manage subdomains. From the API and deployments to ergonomics and user interface, their developer experience is excellent—because everything “just works.” 

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