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Thursday, June 13th 2024

Getting started with AI: Advice from the experts at Vercel Ship

Takeaways from the AI Enterprise Panel at Vercel Ship 2024.

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Alina Weinstein

Product Marketing Manager

At our annual end-user conference, Vercel Ship, we hosted a panel discussion on AI for enterprise teams featuring Paige Bailey (Google), Sunny Madra (Groq), Miqdad Jaffer (OpenAI), and moderated by Sabrina Halper (Tomorrow Talk). The panel of experts shared how customers are leveraging AI technologies to:

  • Improve efficiency and productivity: Automate tasks, accelerate development cycles, and free up human resources for higher-level work.
  • Enhance user experiences: Create personalized, dynamic, and intuitive interfaces that adapt to individual needs.
  • Unlock new possibilities: Explore innovative solutions and business models that were previously unimaginable.

AI for enterprise teams panel at Ship 2024

Learn how enterprises can effectively scale and secure their AI initiatives with our panel of experts

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Recommendations for success:

  • Think beyond traditional approaches: AI isn't about digitizing old processes; it's about reimagining what's possible. Imagine a world where interfaces adapt to individual users, and experiences are woven into our physical surroundings.

"There's so much potential here. And it's not just for having the web be confined to this two dimensional screen that we carry around with us, but actually being able to have it persist in the world in three dimensional space, and being able to be ambient with us as we experience our days."

Paige BaileyGoogle

  • Prioritize user needs: Your users are your compass. Focus on solving real pain points, problems that can be scaled with AI, rather than automating tasks. One of the most powerful examples of AI's potential is its use in healthcare, where it has helped a patient regain their voice after losing it to illness.
  • Start with data: Before considering specific AI models or tools, prioritize establishing robust data quality practices and management processes. Think of your data as the foundation for ensuring stability, accuracy, and ultimately, the success of your AI integration.

"We always tell people, start with your data. This is the chance for you to fix your data models or even your data management. Do that work first because then it'll really pay off."

Sunny MadraGroq
  • Develop a strong evaluation framework: Raise internal awareness and empower subject matter experts to drive new use cases. Compare models, track progress, and identify areas for improvement. This allows enterprises to ensure that their AI initiatives deliver on their promised benefits while reducing undesired outputs.
  • Embrace transparency: Provide users with insights into AI's decision-making process to build trust and understanding. Allowing humans to remain in the loop, with AI providing options and insights rather than fully autonomous decisions, helps build trust.

"The ingenuity doesn't stop, and teams are really pushing the boundaries."

Miqdad JafferOpenAI

Overall, the discussion emphasized the immense potential of AI to transform enterprises, but also the importance of a thoughtful, user-centric approach to implementation and deployment. The panelists envision a future where AI is seamlessly integrated into our lives, powering personalized web experiences, ambient computing environments, and even immersive virtual realities. The key to unlocking this future lies in collaboration, continuous innovation, and a human-centered approach to development.

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