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Join us for a week of what's next for the Web

Vercel Ship ran May 1st - 5th 2023

This event has ended, but you can catch up on all the announcements and keynote below.

Day one


Introducing Vercel KV, Vercel Blob, Vercel Postgres, and Edge Config. Now in the frontend cloud.

Day two


Securely connect to any tool or backend without sacrificing developer experience with Vercel Secure Compute, and keep your deployments safe with new IP controls in Vercel Firewall.

Day three


Introducing Visual Editing, enabling CMS edits directly from your UI, and Vercel Spaces to help enterprise teams scale software quality with Conformance and Code Owners.

Day four


Introducing Next.js 13.4, with App Router STABLE. Also includes Server Actions ALPHA, and finally Turbopack BETA

Day five


The frontend cloud is only possible with a thriving ecosystem. Read about how our community is building tools for a better web: featuring frameworks like Nuxt, authentication solutions like Clerk, and more.