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Tuesday, January 17th 2023

Delivering AI analysis faster with the Vercel workflow

Innovate and scale faster with the right tools.

Viable is an AI company that analyzes customer feedback and presents insights to businesses to improve products and services. With just six engineers, they’ve already processed 3.8 million data points for businesses like Latch, Uber, and AngelList.

Founded in 2020, Viable’s team has been using Vercel since the beginning. Their whole AI product is built with Next.js and deployed to Vercel, helping them rapidly innovate and scale their infrastructure with high demand from customers. However, as demand for their services grows, slow feedback cycles were creating a bottleneck that was starting to get in the way of scaling further. But after leveraging comments for feedback in Vercel Preview Deployments, they’ve been able to reduce back and forth by 80%. With all this time saved, they’re able to provide their game-changing insights to businesses far more efficiently.  

Receive feedback on your Preview Deployments from Team members and invited collaborators with comments.
Receive feedback on your Preview Deployments from Team members and invited collaborators with comments.

Taking advantage of Vercel’s pre-production environment for one means the Viable team does not have to waste resources building a custom staging setup. And with comments available for feedback on Preview Deployments, the complete UI review process happens all in one place. Originally, this workflow aided by automatically generated Preview URLs but feedback was still getting lost in Slack DMs, emails, and Zoom calls.

Once we starting using them during their beta period, it was such a clear value prop for us to start using comments for feedback across our entire product.

Dan EricksonCEO

Thanks to comments for Preview Deployments, the team’s back and forths have been reduced exponentially. Since comments can be made directly on designs, there are fewer additional questions about where changes are located. “It’s so much easier to preserve context,” says Erickson. 

With a more efficient feedback loop on Vercel, Viable is able to ship insights to their customers faster—and scale as more businesses realize the value of their analyses. 

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