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Friday, May 1st 2020

May 2020


  • Environment Variables inserted in the Project Settings can now contain newlines. Copy and paste your value, or use Shift + Enter to submit values with newlines.
  • A new Contact page has been launched, which allows for easily creating support tickets or reaching out to our sales team.
  • No more "Visit" tooltip is rendered when hovering a deployment URL. Instead, the "Visit" button on the deployment view can be used.
  • The "Functions" tab on the deployment view now clearly defines that logs are realtime and need to be forwarded to a third party for retroactive inspection (storing).
  • Opening the Team Settings doesn't automatically focus on the Team URL anymore.
  • Environment Variables in the Activity feed are now truncated in length.
  • On the installation page for our command-line interface, the vercel package is now recommended instead of the legacy now package.
  • Hitting the limit of 10 team members on the Pro plan now presents a button for easily contacting the Sales team.
  • Introduced a limit of 100 Environment Variables per Project.
  • Made "Ionic Angular" or "Docusaurus 2" templates work again.
  • Signing up with a Git account that is already connected to a personal Vercel account will now offer you to log in instead of erroring.
  • Signing up with a Git account that has the same email address as a personal Vercel account will now offer you to merge them instead of creating a new one.
  • Trying to log in with a Git account that is not connected to a personal Vercel account will now log you into a personal Vercel account that has the same email address.


  • Removing a domain now triggers a cascade of events that will clean up all of its associated Aliases, Certificates and DNS Records from the system.


  • Selecting "Other" in the list of framework presets, overriding the Build Command and then creating a deployment containing vercel.json and a few static files does not cause an error anymore.


  • A new permanent property was added to the configuration reference of the new redirects routing property.
  • Te configuration reference for the routes property now makes it clear that it cannot be used in conjunction with the new routing properties.
  • An example was added to each of the System Environment Variables.

Git Integration

  • The vercel.json and .vercelignore configuration files are now supported for GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket.

Command Line

  • A new package named vercel was published to npm and it comes with support for vercel.json, .vercelignore, and two binaries named vercel and vc.