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Wednesday, July 12th 2023

Meet the Vercel AI Accelerator Participants

Meet the 40 startups and builders of the Vercel AI Accelerator.

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Hassan El Mghari

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Lee Robinson

VP of Product

Today, we’re announcing the participants of Vercel’s AI Accelerator—a program for the brightest AI builders and early-stage startups.

We're thrilled to include both prominent builders and rising startups solving interesting or impactful problems, like using AI for cancer detection or transforming how academic research is made available.

We received over 1500 applications from talented startups and individuals and accepted 40, which is less than 3% of applications. The 40 accepted participants are presented below.

B2B Startups Accepted

  • Arterial - Do urban planning with AI at light speed
  • Canvas - Explore your data without code using AI with expert templates and connectors
  • Copilot Travel - Connector for travel suppliers and consumers through AI-powered travel infrastructure
  • Daios - LLM engine ethics engine
  • Dili - Due diligence on companies with AI
  • Dispatch - AI-powered inbox for Slack, processes 2M messages a day
  • IncludeHealth - Extend physical therapy care to homes using AI
  • Intuita - AI-powered code evolution platform
  • Monterey - Turn customer voices into product insights with AI
  • Musicfy - Create music tracks using AI for artists and songwriters
  • Operant BioPharma - AI-driven Pharma company focusing on finding treatments for deadly diseases
  • ScaleMail - Email outreach with personalization and lead management with AI
  • Sphere - Immersive tours of homes captured with AI
  • Tabs - Automate financial workflows using AI
  • UseChats - Do AI-powered feedback analysis
  • Wonders - AI scientific research to make you smarter

B2C Startups Accepted

  • Aasaan - No-code headless ecommerce store builder
  • HelloInterview - AI mock interviews with instant feedback
  • Jenni - Write research papers faster with AI, over 1 million users
  • LLM Report - A better way to monitor OpenAI API usage
  • Logmeals - Log meals with automatic calorie logging and smart recommendations
  • Memorang - AI-powered study tools designed to help ace your exams
  • Merse - Transform journal entries into personalized comics with AI
  • Quest AI - React code generator from Figma files, 400k+ projects generated
  • Quadratic - Open-source AI-native spreadsheet
  • Showspace - Portfolio website generator using AI
  • Smol - Model distillation platform and AI developer agents
  • StoryBird - Create personalized stories using AI
  • Trendup - Create viral short-form content using AI-powered content generators
  • Video Tap - Automating the video to content workflow using AI

Individuals Accepted

  • Aman Ibrahim – Building a model to detect synthesized / deepfaked speech
  • Calix Huang - Building Fuse, a platform to help non-technical people easily create agent-based automations and workflows
  • Dakota Goldberg - Building a tool that automatically generates company marketing content
  • Darlin Alberto – Building Atticus, LLMs to help everyday people increase their understanding of legal contracts
  • Dylan Babbs - Building a tool for airlines to save money through determining if they're liable for flight cancellations
  • Eric Baer - Building Scrivener, a podcast transcription service, summarizer, and dataset
  • Jason Docton - Building an ai-powered way for folks to find their ideal therapist for YouAreRad
  • Kittipat Kampa - Building a startup to simplify and democratize the commercial real estate investment process
  • Saurab Paruthi - Building AuditGPT, generative AI for Auditors to fulfill audit requirements
  • Yiying Hu - Building an AI-driven chat system that provides real estate buyers with comprehensive insights about specific properties

Thank you

Congratulations to all the startups and individuals we listed above for making it into the Vercel AI accelerator!

We also wanted to thank everyone who applied for taking the time to fill out an application – we appreciate you being a valued member of the Vercel community. We sent everyone who applied an email with some exclusive perks as a thank you.

AI on Vercel

Over the past 6 months, AI companies like ScaleJasperPerplexityRunwayLexica, and Jenni have launched with Next.js and Vercel. Vercel helps accelerate your product development by enabling you to focus on creating value with your AI applications, rather than spending time building and maintaining infrastructure.

We’re continuing to invest in our ecosystem when it comes to enabling AI developers. Check out our templates and guides to get started building AI apps on Vercel, as well as our AI SDK.

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