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SingleStoreDB Cloud


SingleStoreDB is a scalable cloud database for data-intensive applications, and it can be hosted on AWS, Azure or GCP. Its engine can successfully handle operational and analytical workloads at the same time.

This integration allows Vercel developers to connect their projects to SingleStoreDB Workspaces. The integration will create a special-purpose user in the Workspace Group and then inject the necessary environment variables into the Vercel's project backend (credentials, hostname, etc.). This allows the Vercel project to connect to SingleStore much more easily.

Environment Variables List


Additional Information

This extension has some known missing features which we're still working on:

  • Deleting the special-purpose user created in SingleStore when the integration is deleted.
  • Allow users to configure which SingleStore databases the special-purpose user will have access to.
  • Implement the "Configure" flow which allows Vercel users to configure the integration over time after it's been initially setup.
  • Add support for configuring the integration for more than 1 Vercel project at the same time.
  • Add support for rotating the user/credentials on a specific schedule.

Reach Out

If you have any issues with this extension, feel free to reach out in our Forums.

Code Example

A code example is available for a simple API that returns rows from a database table.

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