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Hypertune is the most flexible platform for feature flags, A/B testing, analytics and app configuration. Built with full end-to-end type-safety, Git-style version control and local, synchronous, in-memory flag evaluation. Optimized for TypeScript, React and Next.js.

No need to juggle different SDKs for the server and the client. Install one SDK that works across the server and the client and is compatible with Server Components and the App Router.

Avoid cumulative layout shift, UI flickers, hydration errors and page load delay. Instantly initialize the SDK on the server from Vercel Edge Config. And instantly initialize the SDK on the client from server props on the first render.

Additional Information

Static typing and code generation gives you full end-to-end type-safety across all your feature flags and inputs.

Define type-safe, custom inputs like the current User, Organization, etc, and use them in feature flag rules to target exactly the users you want.

Create variables like user segments that you can reuse across different feature flags, and instantly debug flags for each user.

Git-style version history, diffs, branching and pull requests let you manage feature flags like you manage your code. Test and preview flag changes in isolated branches and safely approve them with pull requests. Avoid bad changes and see exactly what changed and when.

Use this integration to initialize the Hypertune SDK from Vercel Edge Config with near-zero latency on the server so you can access your feature flags and run A/B tests with no performance impact to your app.

Read the docs to get started.