Why do my Vercel deployments have multiple domains?

When taking a look at the deployment overview page or a Git commit comment, you might have noticed several domains listed and associated with your deployment that you've never configured. Read on to learn about why they exist.

Preview Links

Vercel wants to make it as easy as possible for teams to collaborate on Vercel Projects. A part of that entails sharing preview URLs at different stages of the project. By default, Vercel creates a preview link that contains the name of the project, the account or team name, and the final suffix. A full URL might look like: project-acme.vercel.app.

For different Git branches, you'll have a preview URL generated for each of them that includes the project name along with the Git branch and might look like: project-git-new-feature.vercel.app.

These domains are generated by default and cannot be turned off. However, changes will likely be made in the future to streamline this experience further.

Custom Production Domains

Alongside the preview domains that are created by default, you're able to add your own custom domains for your Production and Preview environments. Each additional domain that you configure will also be rendered in the dashboard and Git comments, with your production domain(s) shown where a Production Deployment has been made.

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