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How do I delete a Vercel team?

If you wish to delete a Vercel Team and effectively cancel your subscription, first ensure all your team's domains have been removed from the team. Once all your team's domains have been deleted, navigate to your Team's dashboard via these steps: Team's DashboardGeneral SettingsDelete. If you scroll to the bottom on the General Settings section of your Vercel team settings, you see the second-to-last card labeled Delete Your Team.

Deleting your Vercel team.


If you have accidentally deleted your Vercel team, refer to this Support article.

Pruning Period

Once you request the deletion of your team, it will be removed entirely in 4 days time. This gives you a chance to change your mind about deletion and protects other team members from malicious deletion.

During these 4 days, it is also important to note that the following items will remain on the account in a dormant state:

As a result of this, you should always remove any Git Connections or Projects that contain subdomains that you plan to use on other accounts before the 4 days has elapsed.

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