Does using Vercel's Nameserver's lock you in?

Your domain is a precious asset for your projects and having the flexibility to use it with different services as needed is very desirable. While letting Vercel manage nameservers for your domain makes it easy to to work on Projects that are hosted with Vercel, you might wonder if you're locked in to the platform in any way. Read on to learn why this is not the case.

DNS Record Management

Even if your domain is using Vercel's Nameservers, you have the full power to add any DNS record needed for your domain. You can use the DNS Records UI in the dashboard, or you can use the Vercel CLI to add the necessary records.

Imagine that you have an API server hosted somewhere and you want to add a subdomain like to point to that server. All you would need to do is add a CNAME record with a value of your server's IP address. There is no lock in when using Vercel's Nameservers.

Vercel DNS Records UI
Vercel DNS Records UI

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