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Can Vercel sponsor my open source project?

Vercel is committed to enabling the creation, adoption, and development of open source projects. As such, Vercel offers the option to sponsor these projects, covering the costs of hosting them in full.

To obtain sponsorship for a project, first confirm that the criteria below are met, then contact our Product Advocacy team by emailing directly at

Sponsorship Criteria

There are some minor criteria that are required to be fulfilled before Vercel can sponsor your project, these are listed below:

  • The project should be non-commercial.
  • The project should be open source.
  • A Vercel banner in the footer of each site page.
  • A Vercel banner in the source repository's file.
  • All links back to Vercel should use a UTM tag with the format: ?utm_source=[team-name]&utm_campaign=oss.

Aside from using the Vercel banner provided below, you can also use the Vercel logo prefixed with the words "Powered by".

Vercel sponsorship is primarily for, but not limited to, OSS (open source software) projects. We sponsor a number of educational and charitable projects as well. If your project falls under these categories, please get in touch and we will be glad to discuss this with you.

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