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Can Vercel sponsor my open source project?

Vercel is committed to enabling the creation, adoption, and development of open source projects. As such, Vercel offers the option to sponsor some of these projects, covering the cost of hosting them in full.

Sponsorship Criteria

There are some criteria that are required to be fulfilled before Vercel can evaluate sponsoring your project. These are listed below:

  • The project should be non-commercial.
  • The project should be open source.
  • The project's usage should fall under fair use.
  • Should be willing to include a Vercel banner in the footer of each site page.
  • Should be willing to include a Vercel banner in the source repository's file.
  • Should be willing to use a UTM tag with the format for the banners: ?utm_source=[team-name]&utm_campaign=oss.

The Vercel banner described above is provided as an image below.


Applying for Sponsorship

Note that we accept a small number of OSS plan sponsorships every month. To apply for a sponsorship for your OSS (open source software) project, follow the following steps:

  1. Verify that all sponsorship criteria above are met.
  2. Verify that you need this sponsorship plan. Our free tier is generous and can handle most small projects.
  3. Send us an email at confirming all sponsorship criteria was met and explain why Vercel's free tier is not enough for your project. Include your Vercel team slug and a link to your open source repo in the email.

Sponsorship requests are reviewed every month so please allow some time before following up.

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