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Studio Freight is an independent branding and digital design studio. We’re committed to building the next great brands and experiences of our generation. 

We work closely with those willing to do things differently. Select clients include Netflix, Root Insurance, Drive Capital, Italic, Easol, Bad Boys, The Fresh Prince, Patrick Mahomes, and Vercel.


We specialize in branding, visual identity, creative strategy, e-commerce, and digital design and development. Every relationship begins with building a proposal collaboratively. By aligning on your goals and priorities, we can focus on making the right things at the right times.

Additional services: Art & Creative Direction, Campaign, Production, Packaging, Print & Editorial, Copywriting, Illustration, Lettering, Concept Sprints

Our ideal project

It all begins with the courage to be different. We immerse ourselves in the worlds of our clients, so we only work with those who are serious about earning a place in the lives of their customers. 

We can create one-off experiences or go deep to develop wide-ranging brand systems over the course of many months. In any case, we approach each project as a partnership where those with the vision work directly with those who will create it. No filters. No hierarchy. Just working together.

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