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Sid Lee is a renowned creative agency, founded in Montreal, Canada in 1993, applying storytelling, design and technology to build consumer experiences that matter. Their multi-disciplinary team of 900 professionals works as one, out of offices in Montreal, Toronto, New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Sid Lee deploys creative capabilities in several disciplines, from design to interactive and experiential communication to advertising and architecture.


Every day, an unbelievable multitude of talents collide through Sid's global community and within our offices to deliver the following mix of services to our clients: advertising, architecture and retail design, branded content, design and branding, digital solutions, events and activations, experiential, media and analytics, public relations and influencer marketing, social media, and website and ecommerce.

Our ideal project

An ideal project allows us to apply our creative credo to create what matters:

  • Context – Using a contextual event or situation as the heart of a creative idea creates more meaningful output since it connects with consumers’ lives.
  • Culture shaping – The best creative ideas get co-opted by media and culture and when audiences adopt an idea and make it their own, it’s truly culture-defining work.
  • Art factor – The highest level of craft and design elevates ideas for the purpose of commercial clarity, but it also reaches out to comment on society and the human condition.
  • Break a rule – By breaking category norms and conventions, we allow our projects and ideas to stand out and, in turn, reach their goals.
  • Intended commercial outcome – Business results are and remain the main objective of every project, big and small.

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