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Inlight is a digital product agency based in Melbourne, Australia, representing a triple threat of award winning UI/UX design practices, industry leading technology and exceptional client experience. 

Since 2008, we’ve worked with some of Australia’s biggest brands, building and shipping dozens of websites and applications using NodeJS, React, React Native and Next.js with headless CMS and API driven solutions for our clients.


Product strategy & design

We’ve established a repeatedly successful framework in which to deliver product strategy and design thinking to any project. We focus on impact and delivering results quickly and ensuring the product evolves over time.

Website & application development

Founded as a technology first company, we have always been on the cutting edge of the evolution of JavaScript over the last decade. Having early adopted NodeJS, React & React Native we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to any client.

Design & development consultancy

For clients with already established design & development teams, we provide a compelling offering of supplying a team of highly skilled fullstack Node & React developers & UI/UX designers to work collaboratively with your team.

Our ideal project

We love challenges big or small and we love to make an impact.

  • Headless CMS & API driven Jamstack websites are our bread and butter. We are incredibly passionate about delivering high performing websites and we think deeply about building content models to ensure your CMS is future proof.
  • We love establishing (or replatforming to) a full stack JavaScript tech stack for web, API and mobile applications. Repeatedly we have helped teams ship faster with less effort and time by implementing a Node, React and React Native tech stack with continuous integration and deployments.
  • We love complex API integrations and bridging the gap between legacy systems and modern web applications. We implement caching, mapping, error handling, monitoring to ensure it is fit for purpose for modern web applications.

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