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We are foobar Agency — making digital life work since 2015! We breathe tech at heart and combine this with a business mindset, future-proofing your digital commerce platform.

Conversion through technology is our motto. We scale headless commerce frontends. We consult you in choosing the right technologies. We help you decide on the right approaches and processes. Furthermore, we advise on everything it takes to operate, scale and make a large online store successful. We even build teams for our clients. Our project list speaks for itself.

We bring our combined culture of tech and business to our projects. So that our clients' employees also benefit from it.


Multi-Brand eCommerce: We are experienced in configuring complex eCommerce systems, particularly for multi-brand retailers.

Headless Commerce Storefronts: When it comes to eCommerce, we specialize in the Experience Layer. We build fast storefronts that convert.

Digital Commerce Business: Co-creating commerce businesses from the ground up. We also bring support through experts in pricing, MarTech, CRM, CDP, PIM, data collection, analytics and many more.

AI; without the buzz: Our expertise in supporting the above-mentioned topics with AI is particularly noteworthy. Predictions in the area of pricing and CRM/CX are our main focus.

Our ideal project

Ideally, we will support you long-term. By this, we can have a sustainable impact on your business goals. Ideally, your project should last at least 6 months and have a budget of €250,000 or more. We are happy to start on a smaller scale so that we can get to know each other. We can work with your team or alone on the project. We bring what it takes.

Sometimes it makes sense to start with a small consulting project or workshop.

Ideally, you have a certain openness and allow questions on peripheral topics. This helps us to better understand the context and tailor our measures and consulting to you and your goals.

Collaboration with room for new solutions and a forward-looking approach is ideal.

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