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Inspired by modern technology, we launched FocusReactive with a simple mission - to enable our customers to build performant Headless eCommerce and Content websites leveraging innovative tech platforms.

We are an expert tech agency, run by open source and tech enthusiasts with 9.5 years of average experience in the industry. To keep us up to date with the latest trends, we are also running industry-leading JavaScript conferences like React Summit, JSNation, and others. 


We specialize in hands-on advice and execution of React/JavaScript/Node.js projects and focus on delivering large-scale Jamstack solutions leveraging Headless CMS, Headless eCommerce, Serverless, and static/hybrid website frameworks like Next.js.

We are proud of our partners within Headless eCommerce and Headless CMS space like Sanity, Directus, GraphCMS, Crystallize, Commerce Layer, Nacelle.

Our ideal project

As a specialized agency, our work is the most productive when we have a good alignment with the client on the values of Headless architectures, performance importance, and quality web development. Commonly we engage with clients seeking expertise with specific tech platforms and frameworks we work with, to guide them through MVP to production or lead tech migrations to newer stack.

Being the full-stack specialists, having control over the complete dev cycle, while working closely with the Product Owner and business stakeholders, enables us to maintain speedy time to market results.

We prefer working in Agile environments, with short, 1-week sprint cycles so we can timely act on feedback from our demos and day-to-day communication. In cases we expand the existing tech teams, we adapt our processes and suggest improvements based on our experience.

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