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Codehouse is a leading agency that has been shaping the digital landscape since 2007. We became pioneers of the web, delivering transformational digital experiences that genuinely revolutionised and shaped modern customer experience. As technical integration specialists, our mission is to enable brands and businesses to succeed in achieving their digital goals, delivering excelling experiences for customers and end-users.

Our broad and long-standing experience as technologists enables us to work with customers at any point in their digital maturity journey, from new beginnings in choosing the right composable solutions, ongoing support and maintenance of existing systems, to replatforming and transformation into the modern age of web architecture and microservices. 


  • Co-innovation & Impact analysis
  • User research & Journey mapping
  • Content strategy & SEO
  • UX & UI
  • Brand alignment & design systems
  • Prototyping & testing
  • Development & Integration
  • Infrastructure & Support
  • Security & Monitoring

Our ideal project

Our delivery portfolio spans just about all models of engagement with customers, working in delivery methodologies and budgets tailored to the customer and brief. The ideal project, where our technical expertise is put to full use, involves design and implementation of headless web applications, with a truly decoupled MACH architecture. We're well-versed in end to end integration of SaaS CRM/CMS/eCommerce/other products, creating high-efficiency and stable systems that deliver the best results to customers in terms of ROI, and end users in terms of experience. 

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