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About Code and Theory Network Code and Theory Network is the only network with a balance of 50% creative and 50% engineers at scale. The technology-first group within Stagwell Group is built to partner with businesses to navigate the complexity of changing consumer behaviors, emerging technologies and AI. With a global footprint and the capabilities to work across the entire consumer journey, we crave the hardest problems to solve. The network includes the flagship agency Code and Theory as well as Kettle, Mediacurrent, Rhythm and Truelogic. Code and Theory clients include Amazon, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, MSNBC, NFL, Pfizer and Zappos. For more, visit


We are a full service agency offering a range of capabilities built to support our client’s entire ecosystem:

  • Transformational Technology
  • Services, Platforms and Products
  • Data, Analytics, Research and Testing
  • Business and Organizational Consulting
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Inclusive Marketing and Design 
  • Design Transformation
  • Brand Design and Communication

Our ideal project

We have designed cross-platform experiences for some of the world’s biggest brands such as Vogue, Amazon, Spotify, Adidas, EY, Meta, Tik Tok, Diageo to name a few.

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Product ManagementApp DevelopmentDesignUI/UX DevelopmentEcommerceIntegration ServicesDigital MarketingBrandingMobile Development




North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America



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