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Are you looking to re-platform? Does your ecommerce store need a re-design? Do you need development work to update your website, or just want to optimise your user experience? Our team specialises in sensational ecommerce transformations. Creating beautiful, secure and intuitive websites that maximise sales and ROI. 

We are an award-winning specialist BigCommerce agency. Based in London, United Kingdom, Toronto, Canada, and Tallinn, Estonia. We have been helping businesses accelerate their growth on BigCommerce since the very beginning, in 2009. Calashock is one of the original partners and our team has an unparalleled understanding of the platform. 

We don’t just build relationships with our clients, we build friendships. Every new project begins with in-person discovery sessions, wherever in the world the client is based. We know this is the best way to really get to know each other, fully understand pain points, and set the foundations for long-term partnership and sensational ecommerce transformation. 

Why be limited by out-of-the-box store themes when you could work with an agency like Calashock to design a bespoke BigCommerce store. We have proven experience in creating full custom solutions, meeting the most stringent brand identity guidelines. Your bespoke website will be built with the latest and greatest features in web development available, giving you and your customers the best experience. 


BigCommerce Development and Re-platforming 

Our team specialises in BigCommerce and know the platform and it’s ecosystem of applications and partners inside out. Whether you’re looking to move over from a different ecommerce platform, or need your existing BigCommerce store updated and optimised, we are the experts for you.

Ecommerce Strategy and Consulting

With over 13 years of experience, working with ecommerce merchants, we know what works and what really works. Our discovery workshops help clients take a deep dive into their strengths, their areas for improvement and their full growth potential. We work together with each merchant to create their own unique and actionable strategy to accelerate ecommerce transformation. 


You can have the smoothest buyer journey on the web but if customers can’t find you, it won’t do anything. Our in-house SEO experts will help optimise your website for search engine rankings to maximise traffic and increase conversions. 

Our ideal project

Specialising in BigCommerce Development + Integrations, Ecommerce Strategy, Headless, Design, SEO, & CRO. With particular expertise in B2B, our 13+ years of experience shines in complex cases. Projects are generally 3-6 months, larger projects up to 1 year. Ongoing work and constant improvement is also available on retainer. Every project begins with the all-important in-person Discovery Workshop where we build great relationships and deep dive into pain paints to create a tailored action plan.

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