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Wander goes from design to deploy 200% faster with Vercel

Wander provides people with the comforts of home whether they need a vacation, a workcation, or a combination of both. But it takes a lot of work and the best technology to facilitate that magical, seamless experience for users (and a great experience for developers, too). For that, Nathan Potter, Wander’s CTO, relies on Vercel. 

When it came time to bring Wander to life, Potter chose Next.js immediately. He had experience at a previous company using Next.js and appreciated the built-in support for server-side rendering (SSR) for better SEO and performance. To deploy and use Next.js to its full potential, he turned to Vercel. Faster and more performant than other platforms, Vercel immediately took time-consuming configuration and setup off the Wander team’s plate.

“In terms of developer velocity, Vercel’s been really, really great. Being able to go from a design in Figma and then to seeing a prototype up on one of the preview links within a matter of a few hours or days is very powerful.”  - Nathan Potter, Wander CTO

Potter appreciates that Vercel allows his developers to iterate quickly and deploy new features 200% faster. With Vercel, the team doesn’t have to worry about infrastructure, page load times, or deploying to a global CDN—which means he and his team can keep focusing on delivering new features for their users, like booking on the website and personalization. 

What’s more, with Vercel Analytics, they can keep track of the site’s performance and continuously optimize while they’re developing, resulting in a 64% improvement in their site’s performance score. 

Of course, it isn’t just an engineering team at Wander. With so many other stakeholders, Potter uses Vercel’s Preview URLs to make QAing across teams easier. From there, it’s as simple as pushing changes live.  

As their community continues to grow from 45,000+ “wanderers” and  2,500+ founding members and beyond, Potter is excited to try new Vercel features. With Next.js as the foundational layer for their projects, he’s looking forward to where they can go next. 

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