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How Next.js and Turborepo power innovation for teams of every size

Big success doesn't have to mean big resources. With Next.js and Turborepo, Typefully's small but powerful engineering team delivers products at the pace of organizations 10 times their size. The rich text editor's publication and scheduling features make speed and reliability a must—requiring the team to push updates and fixes quickly. Since switching Typefully from their previous solution, Typefully's devs improved build speed and productivity without extra burden on their team. 

“We’re loving Turborepo. It’s taken 30% off our build times.” — Francesco Di Lorenzo, Co-founder of Typefully

Typefully originally discovered Vercel through Next.js, which they turned to for server-side rendering and better SEO. Next.js was easy to implement and integrate with Typefully's current tech stack, and Vercel Preview Deployments ensure everything performs as designed before release.

“Vercel is integrated into our workflow,” says Di Lorenzo. “Each commit is deployed with Vercel so we can see the preview, and we check the Preview Deployment for every pull request as part of our release process.”

At the center of this integrated workflow: powerful, simplified CI/CD. Along with Preview Deployments for every commit, every product—including a UI kit that was in a separate repository—now lives in Turborepo. Changes that were tedious to make before and required additional steps (like needing npm links) are seamless and “super fast.” 

With plans for a blog and other marketing projects, the team behind Typefully is excited for the future and eagerly awaits new releases from Next.js and Vercel. They’re also interested in trying out Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) to improve site performance and free up even more time to improve the experience for their thousands of users across the world. For Di Lorenzo, it’s a matter of when, not if: “The problems we face seem easier to tackle with Next.js.” 

Want to bring Typefully's success to your team? Give Turborepo a try or get started with Next.js on Vercel