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65% faster builds with Turborepo on Vercel

Makeswift is a no-code site builder that helps marketers move quickly. With customers publishing thousands of pages per week, they rely on Next.js and Vercel to deliver great UX at the edge.

While only a startup, Makeswift has adopted a monorepo architecture—an approach encouraged by companies like Google and Meta. Monorepos allow developers to manage projects in a single repository, ensuring code reuse, collaboration, and consistency. However, the interconnected packages and dependencies mean monorepos have slower, less reliable builds.

Engineers at Google and Meta overcome slow build times with extensive, highly configured build systems that only large organizations can afford. In December 2021, Vercel released Turborepo to make monorepo best practices from the giants of the Web accessible to everyone.

Already using the open source version, Makeswift gave Turborepo on Vercel an early test drive. One must-have on the Makeswift team’s list: faster builds. The configuration took minutes and the change was immediate. Engineers instantly saw build times reduced by 65 percent when using Turborepo on Vercel.  

"CI/CD times went from 20 minutes to 8 minutes once we started using Turborepo. We saw a 65% improvement in overall pipeline time after the first month.” - Miguel Oller, CTO & Co-Founder of Makeswift

The frontend team now enjoys all their builds at 2.5x faster speeds—and climbing. Their last several releases launched ahead of schedule, ensuring Makeswift (and their customers) feel the difference of “full turbo.”

Want to bring Makeswift’s success to your team? Give Turborepo a try or build with their setup using the Vercel Platforms Starter Kit