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Deploying at the speed of on-demand streaming

With many other streaming services to choose from, standing out in the crowd—or on users’ screens—requires speed and innovation. German-based platform Joyn knows the challenge well and relies on Vercel to automate and accelerate its development workflow.

Offering thousands of on-demand videos and over 60 live channels, they’ve built a reputation for fast and easy access to content. To keep pace with user needs and offer the best availability, the Joyn engineering team needed a new platform to host their Next.js app that could help them move faster. Vercel stood out because of its easier process for deployments and superior developer experience.

Since the migration, deployments are now “incredibly fast,” enabling the team to ship more quickly. Developers at Joyn can view feature branches in a live environment instantaneously upon commit, so feedback is gathered and implemented faster. 

Performance and Web Vitals have greatly improved, too. After switching to Vercel, Joyn saw a 47% improvement in First Contentful Paint (FCP) and a 17% faster Time to First Byte (TTFB). This means the viewing experience for Joyn users is seamless and near-instant—a top priority in the competitive world of streaming.

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