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Hashnode runs the fastest blogs on the web with Vercel

Hashnode, a blogging platform for the developer community built using Next.js, was born from the fundamental idea that developers should own the content they publish. A key component of that ownership is publishing articles on a custom domain—a feature the Hashnode team spent hours monitoring and maintaining themselves. That’s when they turned to Vercel. 

After evaluating alternative solutions like AWS Amplify, Hashnode ultimately chose Vercel because of the ability to manage custom domains at scale and the smooth and intuitive developer experience. The engineering team saves time by previewing deployments and testing changes in a production-like environment without configuring staging. 

“With Vercel, we spend less time managing our infrastructure and more time delivering value to our users.” — Sandeep Panda, Co-founder, Hashnode

Migrating to Vercel also enhanced how Hashnode monitors and optimizes speed, which is an essential selling point for its developer audience. Vercel’s Edge Network helps Hashnode guarantee a fast and delightful blogging experience that ensures posts rank higher in search results. And as for Lighthouse tests, lightning-fast load times and automatically optimized images mean every Hashnode-hosted blog gets perfect scores across the board.   

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