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Unlocking 533 extra hours of monthly dev time with Turborepo

Running a successful, lean engineering team means knowing where to invest more—and where to save. With nine engineers, Endear CTO JP Grace and Co-Founder Jinesh Shaw built a high-performing organization that delivers customer relationship management solutions for hundreds of consumer brands. Their strategy: improving developer productivity with process changes and smart tools like Vercel Remote Cache and Turborepo.

While competitors spend time on lengthy configurations and slow builds, the Endear team answers the question, What would you do with 50 extra hours of developer time per month? And they’ve been hard at work. 

“Over the last six months we’ve focused on changing our behaviors and adopting new capabilities like Turborepo to improve our KPIs,” says Grace. In that time, we have increased our deployment rate 7x, reduced our lead time by 95%, kept our change failure rate below 1%, and held our MTTR below a minute. Much of this wouldn’t have been possible without the accelerated feedback we get from Turborepo.”

“We love Turborepo,” confirms Shaw. “We’re now able to update our codebase in a fraction of the time it used to.”

Endear’s developers see the greatest Turborepo benefits in the CI, where small changes or additions to their codebase don’t result in longer build times. Before switching over, they had 150 packages in a single Typescript codebase, and attempting to make even a small change would take over half an hour. This bottleneck meant engineers would be spending time waiting for builds to finish instead of innovating and improving their software.

Now that they’ve cut that time down to 10 minutes, the Endear team has saved 533 hours in one month alone. Fueled by the increase in developer productivity, they’re considering moving all of their code into Turborepo-powered monorepos, too. The more efficient their workflow, the better equipped Endear will be to deliver the best CRM tools to their ever-growing user base.   

Want to bring Endear’s success to your engineers? Give Turborepo a try or get in touch with our team.