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Efficiently launching web3 projects for artists with Vercel

Blush works with artists and companies to launch their work around the globe. Co-founders Zack Tanner and Jason Donnette have long been advocates for using Next.js and Vercel to host sites and API endpoints. Their launches require powerful features with smart defaults, clear infrastructure, and great support. Since the company’s inception, Vercel has helped their small team deliver big drops with some of the hottest new artists. 

“Vercel is the best and easiest platform for high traffic product launches,” says Tanner. Donnette agrees, saying “it’s a big reason why our company is successful.”

For major launches with large traffic spikes, developers have to address challenges that come with high concurrency, heavy bandwidth consumption, and increased function invocations. To ensure smooth launches for their NFT drops, Blush engaged Vercel’s enterprise support team. 

According to Tanner, “launches go incredibly smoothly without the need to think too hard about the backend infrastructure requirements. Vercel always makes it easy to find success.”

Launching the fast and dynamic Bueno platform

But Blush doesn't just partner with creators to help launch their NFTs—they also build no-code tools to make it easy to go from ideation to launch. Recently, they introduced an additional platform called Bueno, which is a creator-focused, no-code NFT generation software. With Vercel, implementation was simple for their frontend engineers and allowed them to create an incredibly fast and dynamic app.

One particularly useful feature for Blush and the Bueno team is Vercel’s Preview Deployments. Developers instantly share a live preview site with their designers, who need to see the UX correctly implemented before launch. 

As Blush continues to grow, the team knows they can rely on Vercel for their highly anticipated drops, feeling confident that the infrastructure can handle hundreds of thousands of concurrent requests. No latency, just awesome art. 

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