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Friday, August 12th 2022

Vercel CLI v28 is now available

Cover for Vercel CLI v28 is now available

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Cover for Vercel CLI v28 is now available

Version 28.0.0 of Vercel CLI is now available. Here are some of the key improvements made within the last couple of months:

  •  If you have a Git provider repository configured, Vercel CLI will now ask if you want to connect it to your Project during vercel link setup. [28.0.0] (Note: This functionality was reverted in [28.1.4])
  • A new command vercel git allows you to set up deployments via Git from Vercel CLI. Get started by running vercel git connect in a directory with a Git repository. [27.1.0]
  • Previously, Vercel CLI deployments did not include Git metadata, even if you had a Git repository set up. Now, Git metadata is sent in deployments created via Vercel CLI. [25.2.0]
  • Now, when you run vercel env pull, if changes were made to an existing .env* file, Vercel CLI will list the variables that were added, changed, and removed. [27.3.0]
  • vercel ls and vercel project ls were visually overhauled, and vc ls is now scoped to the currently-linked Project. [28.0.0]

Notable changes

  • Dropped support for Node.js 12 [25.0.0]
  • Removed vercel billing command [28.0.0]
  • Removed auto clipboard copying in vercel deploy [27.0.0]
  • Deprecated --confirm in favor of --yes to skip prompts throughout Vercel CLI [27.4.0]
  • Added support for Edge Functions in vercel dev [25.2.0]
  • Added support for importing .wasm in vercel dev [27.3.0]

Note this batch of updates includes breaking changes. Check out the full release notes to learn more.