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Friday, December 8th 2023

Unified documentation search across Vercel, Next.js, and Turborepo

Posted by

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Jhey Tompkins

Senior DX Engineer

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Rich Haines

Director of Documentation

Searching across the Vercel documentation is now faster and more intuitive with a redesigned ⌘+K menu that includes:

  • Cross-platform search: Search across Vercel, Next.js, and Turborepo documentation sites from the Vercel docs or dashboard.
  • Customized search results: Filter your search by choosing specific platforms–Vercel, Next.js, or Turborepo–or view all results combined.
  • Most relevant results: Quickly view the three most relevant results to your query, ensuring you get the best matches instantly.

You can access the menu by pressing ⌘+K on macOS or Ctrl+K on Windows and Linux from the Vercel documentation site or dashboard with Shift+D.

Check out the documentation to learn more.