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Monday, April 24th 2023

Turborepo Run Summary is now available

Posted by

Avatar for sambecker

Sam Becker

Director of Product Design

Avatar for mehulkar

Mehul Kar

Software Engineer

Avatar for tknickman

Tom Knickman

Software Engineer

Avatar for gsoltis

Greg Soltis

Turborepo Core Team

Avatar for jared

Jared Palmer

VP of Product, AI

Turborepo Run Summary helps you visualize and debug your Turborepo tasks.

Easily view all tasks that ran as part of your deployment, complete with their execution time and cache status, as well as a snapshot of the data that turbo used to construct the cache key. Easily compare deployments to quickly identify the root cause of cache misses, and eliminate slow builds.

Turborepo Run Summary is now available on all plans for everyone using turbo@1.9.0 or newer.

Check out our documentation to learn more.