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Wednesday, July 3rd 2024

SvelteKit now supported in @vercel/flags

Posted by

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Dominik Ferber

Software Engineer

Vercel is extending its newly introduced approach to working with feature flags to SvelteKit, with the v2.6.0 release of @vercel/flags.

With @vercel/flags/sveltekit you can now implement feature flags in your SvelteKit application code and call them within functions. Using this pattern automatically respects overrides set by the Vercel Toolbar, and integrates with our Developer Experience Platform features like Web Analytics and Runtime Logs.

import { flag } from '@vercel/flags/sveltekit'
export const showDashboard = flag<boolean>({
key: 'dashboard',
async decide () {
// your feature flag logic
return true

Learn more about Vercel feature flags with SvelteKit in our documentation and deploy your own SvelteKit app with feature flags here.