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Wednesday, October 11th 2023

Strengthening Vercel's Infrastructure against HTTP/2 Rapid Reset Attacks

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Abdel Sabbah

Software Engineer

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Casey Gowrie

Software Engineer

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Joe Haddad

Software Engineer

At Vercel, we consistently monitor and update our security protocols to address emerging threats. A new vulnerability, known as the HTTP/2 Rapid Reset Attack (CVE-2023-44487), has the potential to disrupt HTTP/2-enabled web servers.

Rapid Reset is a vulnerability possible in the HTTP/2 protocol involving quickly initiating and canceling streams. It can be used to launch large denial-of-service attacks, negatively affecting performance and availability.

We've taken proactive steps to refine our infrastructure and strengthen our defenses. Our improved system can now more efficiently handle the HTTP/2 Rapid Reset Attack.

An essential component of our defense strategy is inline network traffic monitoring, where we identify malicious TCP connections and terminate them. Limiting abuse over a single connection has enabled Vercel to protect against HTTP/2 Rapid Reset Attack.

Combining our existing system with new improvements, all applications on Vercel are even further resistant to the HTTP/2 Rapid Reset Attack.

We want to assure you that your web assets are protected against the HTTP/2 Rapid Reset Attack. We're committed to consistently improving our security measures in response to new threats to ensure safety and reliability for all users.