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Thursday, December 23rd 2021

Papercuts, small feature requests, and bug fixes

Posted by

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Christopher Skillicorn

Product Designer

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Lee Robinson

VP of Product

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Ana Jovanova

Software Engineer

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Shu Uesugi

Software Engineer

With your feedback, we've shipped dozens of bug fixes and small feature requests to improve your product experience:

  • iCloud DNS Email Preset: Easily add DNS records to your domain to allow email forwarding.
  • Syntax Highlighting for Source Files: When viewing contents of a Deployment, source files now have syntax highlighting based on the code language.
  • Easier Domain Assignment: When adding new custom domains, you can now press Enter to save the input instead of clicking save.
  • Fixed Sticky Tabs in Safari: The dashboard navigation now properly hides items after scrolling in Safari.
  • Safer Domain Removal: When removing a domain from your project, we’ve removed the option to also remove all subdomains based on customer feedback.
  • Full Timestamps for Activity Log: When viewing the Activity Log for your team, you can now hover over the relative timestamp to view the full date and time.
  • Improved Team Member Search: When trying to add members to a large team, searching now happens server-side to prevent needing to click load more.
  • New Confirmation Modals: When modifying Git Fork Protection and Log and Source Protection, confirmation is now required to save changes.
  • Team Navigation shows Plan: Change between your Personal Account and Teams now clearly shows whether the selected account is Hobby, Pro, Enterprise, and also if billing is overdue.

Let us know other opportunities where we can improve your experience with Vercel.