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Monday, November 14th 2022


Monday, November 14th 2022

Improvements and fixes

Cover for Improvements and fixesCover for Improvements and fixes

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Cover for Improvements and fixesCover for Improvements and fixes

With your feedback, we've shipped dozens of bug fixes and small feature requests to improve your product experience.

  • Vercel CLI: 28.5.0 was released with improved vc build monorepo support.
  • Build without cache via env: It's now possible to force a build through Git that skips the build cache by setting the VERCEL_FORCE_NO_BUILD_CACHE environment variable in your project settings.
  • Environment variables: Each deployment on Vercel can now support up to 1000 environment variables instead of only 100.
  • Vercel dashboard UI: The primary and secondary navigation bars are now full width so that each page UI has the option to maintain a max-width or take advantage of the whole viewport.
  • Vercel menu component: The menu dropdown in your dashboard is now slightly more compact on desktop with an improved animation, which increases contrast and gives you higher information density.
  • Improved code in Vercel docs: Code blocks now include file location as a header.
  • Improved visuals in Vercel docs: We now support dynamic dark and light mode screenshots.



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