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Thursday, November 16th 2023

Node.js v20 LTS is now available in beta

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Ethan Arrowood

Software Engineer

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Nathan Rajlich

Software Engineer

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Janos Szathmary

Software Engineer

As of today, Node.js version 20 can be used as the runtime for Builds and Serverless Functions. Select 20.x in the Node.js Version section on the General page in the Project Settings. The default version remains Node.js 18.

Node.js 20 introduces several new features including:

  • New experimental permission model
  • Synchronous import.meta.resolve
  • Stable test runner
  • Performance updates to V8 JavaScript Engine and Ada (URL Parser)

Node.js 20 is faster and introduces new core APIs eliminating the need for some third-party libraries in your project. Support for Node.js 20 on Vercel is currently in beta.

The exact version used by Vercel is 20.5.1 and will automatically update minor and patch releases. Therefore, only the major version (20.x) is guaranteed.

Read the documentation for more.