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Thursday, February 17th 2022

Next.js 12.1 is now available

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Peter Yoakum

Sales Engineer

We're excited to release one of our most requested features with Next.js 12.1:

  • On-demand ISR (Beta): Revalidate pages using getStaticProps instantly.
  • Expanded Support for SWC: styled-components, Relay, and more.
  • next/jest Plugin: Zero-configuration Jest support using SWC.
  • Faster Minification with SWC (RC): 7x faster minification than Terser.
  • Self-Hosting Improvements: ~80% smaller Docker images.
  • React 18 & Server Components (Alpha): Improved stability and support.
  • Developer Survey: Help us improve Next.js with your feedback.

Starting today when deployed to Vercel, on-demand revalidation propagates globally in ~300ms when pushing pages to the edge. Read the 12.1 blog post to learn more.