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Thursday, May 23rd 2024

Log Drains are now generally available

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Chris Widmaier

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Darpan Kakadia

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Amy Burns

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Natalie Altman

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Vercel Log Drains are now generally available—send runtime and build logs from Vercel to third-party services.

What’s new?

Since we introduced Log Drains, you can now filter by different environments, define a sampling rate, transport logs with either the JSON or NDJSON formats, and more.

New Usage Based Billing

  • Usage of Log Drains costs $10 per 5GB of data transfer; all logs sent to a third-party accrue Log Drain usage automatically.
  • Existing Pro customers have three additional months free before billing begins. You can view the exact date based on your billing cycle in the dashboard.
  • Log Drains are only available on Pro and Enterprise plans. Existing Hobby customers may continue to use Log Drains as configured, but no further usage or configuration is available.

How can I check my Log Drain usage?

You can view your existing Log Drain usage on the Usage page.