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Tuesday, December 20th 2022

Comments on Preview Deployments are now generally available

Posted by

Avatar for cramforce

Malte Ubl

CTO, Vercel

Avatar for gdborton

Gary Borton

Engineering Manager

Avatar for skllcrn

Christopher Skillicorn

Product Designer

Avatar for gkaragkiaouris

George Karagkiaouris

Software Engineer

Avatar for natew

Nate Wienert

Software Engineer

Avatar for perilanglois1

Peri Langlois

Product Marketing Manager

Comments on Vercel Preview Deployments are now generally available giving you a centralized review workflow for rapid iteration. We have also added full support for GitLab and BitBucket integrations in addition to GitHub.

All Pro and Enterprise teams will have the ability to use comments on their Preview Deployments, by default, for free.

Check out the documentation to learn more.