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Thursday, April 14th 2022

Improvements and fixes

Posted by

Avatar for shaziya

Shaziya Bandukia

Product Manager

Avatar for ernestd

Ernest Delgado

Software Engineer

With your feedback, we've shipped dozens of bug fixes and small feature requests to improve your product experience. Here are some of our most recent.

  • Design papercuts: We’ve polished hover states, loading states, padding and margins for dashboard elements, table scrolling on mobile, and other subtle mobile styling improvements.
  • Copy & paste build logs easily: You can now easily copy the entire build output to your clipboard.
  • Accessibility improvements: and have improved color contrast, better semantic HTML elements, and other small fixes.
  • Improved integration installations: Searching for teams is now more accurate while installing integrations.
  • Public project deployment author attribution: When viewing deployments for a public project, we now show the author of the deployment in the navbar instead of the currently logged-in user.

Let us know other opportunities where we can improve your experience with Vercel.