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Wednesday, January 17th 2024

Up to 5 TB file transfers with Blob multipart uploads

Posted by

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Vincent Voyer

Software Engineer

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Luis Meyer

Software Engineer

Vercel Blob now supports storing files up to 5 TB with multipart uploads.

When using multipart: true, put() and upload() will progressively read and chunk data, upload it in parts, and retry if there are issues.

import { upload } from '@vercel/blob/client';
const blob = await upload('big-file.mp4', file, {
access: 'public',
handleUploadUrl: '/api/upload',
multipart: true // 🚀
Uploading a big video file to Vercel Blob

Network output is maximized without consuming too much memory. Multipart uploads support retrying streams (Node.js streams and the Web Streams API), a unique feature amongst file upload APIs.

Check out the documentation to learn more.