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Tuesday, February 16th 2021

Vercel & Next.js Experts Help Teams Build the Next Big Thing

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Kevin Van Gundy

Chief Operating Officer

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Jennifer Chang

VP of Partnerships

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Shu Uesugi

Software Engineer

In the past year, we have enabled enterprise companies like Airbnb, Harry Rosen, and Coravin to develop better websites that deliver tremendous business impact. We didn’t do this alone. Vercel's partners helped to make these mission-critical transformations a reality.  

In our series B announcement, we committed to helping everyone build the next web. We invite experts to join the mission as Vercel Agency Partners.

Vercel Agency Partners are trusted Vercel and Next.js experts. Our global network of experts deliver high-impact projects to the most sophisticated companies in the world.

Today, we’re introducing the Vercel Agency Partner Program and Experts Marketplace to create an ecosystem where customers and partners can easily come together to build the next big thing.

Learn more about Vercel's agency partner program.

For Teams

Deliver success with our global network of partners

World-class teams like yours are building the next big thing. If you succeed, you'll deliver a great experience to hundreds, or even millions of your users.

Work with a Vercel Agency Partner to adopt best practices right from the start, quickly remove blockers, and successfully launch on time with confidence.

“Our clients are always amazed at how fast it is for us to set up preview, staging and production environments for their projects. As an agency partner, the Vercel platform gives us the ability to develop, test and ship faster than ever. What used to take days to set up and maintain now takes minutes, and performs just as good, if not better.”

Simon CoromptCo-founder & CTO at Unlikely Studio

A Vercel agency partner can help you:

  • Build a new app, with modern web architecture
  • Migrate to Next.js, for better performance
  • Re-launch an eCommerce site, to boost conversions

With Vercel’s global network of experts, you can find the best partner to help you build the next big thing.


For Partners

Support where you need it - benefits of the Vercel Agency Partner Program

Since our inception, Vercel has been a key part in many agencies' workflows, enabling them to deliver projects faster and collaborating in real time with key stakeholders. We're formalizing our partner program as a core part of Vercel's go-to-market. We are committed to provide partners with sales, marketing, and product enablement.

As a Vercel Agency Partner, you will have:

  • A direct line of communication with Vercel team
  • Access to co-marketing support, lead generation, and new business opportunities
  • The latest product insights and training
  • Recognition as an extension of our team

"We found Vercel and Next.js to be the best solution for our clients who want to optimize their websites for speed and accessibility, while also providing a world-class developer experience. The platform is future-facing: frequently releasing top-notch features and reflecting modern best practices — providing a solid multi-cloud strategy. It allows developers to fully focus on both integrating data and building a performant, responsive interface."

Arnaud TanielianTechnology Director, Work & Co

Extensive Growth Opportunity

Vercel is obsessed with developer experience and end-user performance, which makes it the best platform to deploy your applications. By incorporating Vercel into your solution, you will experience an incredibly fast build pipeline, seamless collaboration, and best-in-class edge network, ultimately exceeding customer and end-user expectations. 

"Our teams love working with Vercel. It saves us time, hassle, and money compared to building our own CI / CD pipeline for each client using cloud IaaS. We don’t have to worry about setting up environments, testing branches, integrating git, integrating CDN, coordinating geographical redundancy, ensuring scalability, or any of the other countless tasks required to deploy enterprise applications at scale."

Yashar RassoulliCTO, Myplanet

Be part of the vast ecosystem of Next.js and Vercel. With a community 500,000+ developers, Next.js is the fastest growing framework with exponential adoption. Enterprise companies like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and The Washington Post trust Next.js on Vercel to run their applications. In October, Vercel hosted the first Next.js Conf with over 80,000 registrants. These are just a few co-marketing and new business opportunities we can capture and accelerate together.

Next Steps

We believe in building a better web, together. Visit our Marketplace to find a partner, or apply to become an agency partner today.

If you would like to hear the latest that Vercel and Next.js has to offer, request an invite to join our agency partner workshop on Tuesday March 9th, 2021 at 1pm ET/10am PT, to hear more about upcoming partner opportunities available to you.