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Today, we're introducing Deploy Summary, a Vercel integration to augment your workflow with our GitHub and GitLab integrations even further.
Deploy Summary analyzes your pull requests and merge requests, detects changed pages, and provides a detailed preview right next to your commits:

An example of a preview added by Deploy Summary on a pull request.

These previews include:
  • Screenshots of the changed pages, to quickly take a glance at the contents of the PR.
  • Direct links to the changed pages, for a finer grained review.
  • The URL of the deployment.
  • The commit SHA of the deployed commit.

Persistent URLs

Since the URL does not change if a new commit is pushed, you only need to share it once with your team – they will see all future commits appear there.
This is especially useful if your project has a login system. In that case, you only need to log in once, because the domain (and therefore the session cookie) stay the same.

Get Started

To start using Deploy Summary, visit the integration's page and click "Add":

After clicking "Add", choose the account or the team where you would like to install Deploy Summary.

Once the integration is installed on your personal account or one of your teams, if you have not already done so, you will be invited to connect your GitHub or GitLab account:

If you haven't yet connected your GitHub/GitLab account, you will be asked to do so.

Next, create a new pull request (GitHub) or merge request (GitLab) for your frontend (find the full list of supported frameworks here).
Once your branch is deployed, the deployment will be analyzed and page changes will be detected. If one of your pages has changed, a preview show up:

An example pull request with a preview provided by the Deploy Summary integration.

Open Source

All pieces of the Deploy Summary integration are fully open source.
If your framework is not part of the list of currently supported ones (or if you've noticed a bug), please feel free to open an issue or provide a pull request.


With Deploy Summary, you can now review pull or merge requests in a much faster way.
Aside from supporting more frameworks, we will also explore enhancing workflows even further: Imagine seeing Diff screenshots, lighthouse scores, or bundle sizes right on your pull or merge requests.
Anything unclear? Drop us a message!