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When creating a new project, it's important that the road to sharing a working production URL of your newly deployed code is as short as possible, with the least amount of friction.
With today's announcement, we're ensuring exactly that.

New Default Domain

By creating a new project, you will now automatically see a domain with the name of your project and a random animal appear on your project's Domains tab.
For example, if your project is called "my-site", your default production domain could look like this:

The default production domain is automatically assigned to your deployments.

Deploying to Production

In order to deploy to production, push to your default branch with our Git integration or run vercel --prod with our command-line interface.
Note: The first deployment in every newly created project is automatically promoted to production.

Editing Your Domain

Even if you don't like your default production domain, that's not a problem. Changing your production domain is now as easy as clicking "Edit" and entering a new one:

You can edit the default production domain or add a custom domain.

API Changes

The endpoints for creating a project and ensuring a project exists have been adjusted accordingly and will automatically provide you with a production domain.
To opt-in to this feature, you will need to use the latest version of the project endpoints.


With default production domains, you can deploy to production without having to set up a custom domain first.
This drastically decreases the time it takes for you to share a working version of your project.
Let us know what you think about this change!