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Sunday, March 1st 2020

March 2020


  • Deleted teams and personal accounts will now undergo a buffer period during which they may be recovered (7 days for teams and 48 hours for personal accounts). Only after this period, their usernames and slugs will be available.
  • The "need help?" link in the "Domains" settings of each project now opens the support form instead of a ZenDesk modal.
  • Using a team slug that used to be the a username of personal account is now possible, but requires the personal account that used to own the name to deploy to the team, in order to "unlock" the name.
  • The "Billing" page of Personal Accounts (Hobby) now properly mentions that Personal Accounts cannot be upgraded and remain free forever. However, creating a team is advised for professional use cases or collaborating with other people.
  • Personal accounts and teams now render a "Invite Team" button on the dashboard, which allows for creating a team and inviting members much more easily.
  • The "Tokens" page now shows a "Load More" button if more than 20 tokens are present.
  • Public Deployments now show Domains on their overview instead of .
  • A "Preview Deployment Suffix" fieldset was added to the team settings, which let's you replace the suffix with a Custom Domain.

Git Integration

  • For the GitHub integration, personal accounts on Vercel can only be connected to personal accounts on GitHub, not organizations.


  • Configuration and API References will now show up in the documentation search.
  • The information about how to retrieve data for a team has moved from the "Users and Teams" section in "Platform" to the API reference.
  • The maximum payload for Serverless Functions is now documented.
  • Now that Preview Deployments are responding with a X-Robots-Tag header set to noindex, a detailed section was added here.
  • Detailed instructions about how to disconnect the GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab integration were added to their respective documentation pages (example at the bottom).
  • The Developer Tools Console on the Documentation now prints a link to the respective Git commit.
  • Removed all examples for which no option is provided in the Project Settings.


  • Personal accounts that downgrade to the "Hobby" plan will not see their deployments get blocked anymore.
  • Updated Ruby to version 2.7.x for new deployments.


  • Moving a domain to a different personal account or team now works flawlessly again.
  • The .yt TLD is no longer available due to requiring a local address.