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Wednesday, January 1st 2020

January 2020


  • New deployments will now automatically receive the latest Node.js version available on Vercel at that point in time.


  • When deleting a project, all of its Production Domains will now made unavailable as well (no content will be served from them anymore).
  • Domains that are never properly configured will now be automatically deleted after 7 days, instead of 3.
  • When creating a new project, its default Production Domain is now made one word shorter if the combination is available.


  • Adding support for a new framework to Vercel is now only a matter of creating a single Pull Request for the zeit/now repository.
  • As of Now CLI 16.7.3, all files starting with .env are not uploaded. Previously, only files specifically named .env were not uploaded.
  • New endpoints for retrieving a realtime stream of all requests for a deployment and retrieving all failed requests are now available.