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Saturday, February 1st 2020

February 2020


  • When adding external domains to a project, we no longer require setting a TXT record for them.


  • Python Serverless Functions can now be configured with a excludeFiles property in functions, which lets you explicitly exclude certain files from the final Serverless Function.
  • New projects created from templates now contain working framework logos in their files.
  • Customers on the Hobby plan are now unable to create Now 1.0 deployments.
  • The Node.js version available for builds was set to 12.14.1 for 12.x and 10.18.0 for 10.x, to match the AWS Lambda runtime.


  • The "Import Project" page now lets you decide between Importing a Git repository or a template.
  • Creating a new project using a template now automatically creates a Git repository to make editing it easier.
  • The "Deploy Hooks" option and the "Git Branch" Domain option in the project settings now work if your Git repository contains hundreds of branches.
  • Team member roles ("Owner" and "Member") are now available on all pricing plans
  • The "Domains" tab on the project view was now removed in favor of the "Domains" sidebar item on the "Settings" tab.
  • Changing the settings of an existing teams on a mobile device doesn't automatically focus the text areas anymore.
  • The Now 1.0 pricing page was removed.
  • The "Platform Version" field was removed from the account and team settings.